Saturday, September 21

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Welcome and Intro

Nipesh Shrestha

A basic overview about the Free and Open Source Community

Distro Demo

NOSKode 3.0

NOSKode is an open coding tournament where everyone can freely participate. There will be two level of questions. One can solve second level only if he solves the first level. If some one wants to participate s/he chooses a question from a glass box marked level 1 and if he/she solves that question they get some specific prize and they will be promoted to next level where they can choose second level question from another box and solve them. And again, if they solve the question, they will get some prize of much value.

Professional Project Management using Git

Ashish Tiwari · Nischal Lal Shrestha · Sagar Devkota

Mobile Application Development with Flutter

Cyber Security and Open Source

Er. Kumar Pudasaini

The power of open source lies in the fact that anyone can view it,audit it, and add to it. This makes open-source Cybersecurity tool a double-edged sword. With open source Cybersecurity software, a potential attacker can audit the code themselves and look for the weak points to bypass threat detection. With Cybersecurity teams increasingly relying on, admittedly very sophisticated, automated tools for their thread detection, an attacker who can bypass them has a significant advantage, but at the same time open source Cybersecurity software has an advantage that it can be vetted and audited on a much larger scale to improve it than would otherwise be possible.

Overview of Quantum Computing

Sushil Kumar Sah

Quantum computers leverage quantum mechanical phenomena to manipulate information by relying on quantum bits, or qubits. The development of qubit has implications for dealing with massive amounts of data and achieving previously unattainable levels of computing efficacy that are tantalizing potential of quantum computing. This ability could potentially sabotage the transactions in Bitcoin ledger, thus crashing the cryptocurrencies once the quantum computers are available.


Er. Dipesh Das

TensorFlow is a free and end-to-end open source software platform for machine learning which is also known as second-generation machine learning system. It is mainly used in a range of task like classification, perception, understanding, discovering, prediction and creation. TensorFlow was originally developed by researchers and engineers working on the Google Brain team with Google’s Machine Intelligence Research organization for the purpose of conducting machine learning and deep neural networks research.


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